William Lounsbury


Originally from Missouri, USA, William has been based in Western Europe since 2012 where he divides his time between Paris and Amsterdam. He is an international documentarian and campaigner for human rights. When he is not travelling abroad, he spends his time exploring the countrysides.

Focused on mixing reportage and portraiture, William is deeply invested in using images to tell stories. Led by a strong social conscience, he is a high-level leader with the NGO Witness Change, an international non-profit, sharing stories of human rights abuses. He has created video documentaries on LGBT groups in sub-Saharan Africa and refugee groups in Europe and Bangladesh.

William has worked on projects for The Guardian, New York Times & National Geographic and international groups such as Doctors Without Borders (MSF) & Elton John Aids Foundation. He is the founding member of Aperture Tours, the first to join Alexander J.E. Bradley in leading tours.

Languages: English


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Awesome Time with William of Aperture! ★★★★★

My 15 year old daughter and I spent a wonderful evening with William of Aperture tours taking great night photos of Paris. William did a great job of explaining the keys to successful night photography to both of us -- no easy task! In addition, he really helped us after our tour by emailing us additional spots we could use the information we learned to take more shots of the Eiffel Tower. I strongly recommend William and Aperture -- I think they could benefit photographers at every level, and they sure do know some amazing spots in Paris!

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My favorite day in Paris! ★★★★★

We met William for a six hour day/evening tour. I mentioned some must do photos I really wanted to get, and we began an amazing tour through Paris. He encouraged me to take some photos, and then we would discuss how I might improve them. I saw parts of Paris that I wouldn't have seen otherwise. I am not a beginner, but I did learn some great new things about my camera! The best moment for me was turning a corner and seeing the Louvre pyramid lit up at night. For some reason I thought we weren't going to go there, so when it appeared it was a magical moment.

William was friendly and knowledgeable. He really tried to grant all my wishes, and I have some beautiful photos. I'm still working on them (of course!), but the trip was definitely worth the money and effort. I highly recommend this tour. It was hands down the highlight of my Paris trip.

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Another Great Experience!!! ★★★★★

Let me just start by saying this is my second tour with Aperture Tours. In July 2016 I arrived in Paris for the first time and had arranged a night tour which was one of the best experiences ever. I did not leave a review because when I went home life got in the way. I met William near the Louvre and spent the next 3 hours learning great things about Paris and learning how to take photos without being in Auto mode. We took over 90 gorgeous photos and I learned so much about Paris and my camera. William is very patient and really explains everything very well. I knew I wanted to do this again. 
My trip this past March was planned only a few weeks in advance and I felt very lucky to be able to plan a day tour. I love to photograph sunsets and I was able to plan the time from 3:30-6:30 so the sun would be setting at the end of my tour. I met Kate at Notre Dame. She asked me what type of photos I liked to take, what I was interested in. I told her that I wanted to see things I hadn't before and that I liked landscapes, buildings and the water. I would have never found the areas she brought me to. Parks and a canal off the beaten path that I would never have walked down to by myself. We walked thru Le Marais and the buildings were really interesting. She also talked to me about shooting RAW and showed me how to understand the histogram. Once again a wonderful experience and I learned so much. William and Kate are also really nice people to spend time with. I am in my 50s and really enjoyed every moment. I highly recommend this experience. Wear comfortable shoes, we walked quite a bit. I hope you add NYC some day to your growing list of cities because I would love that.

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Inspiring Evening ★★★★★

I am incredibly grateful for the time that William spent with me helping to improve my nighttime photo skills. I would like to go back to Paris to do the daytime photo shoot so that I could have more beautiful daytime photos as well. When I consider how I spent my time in Paris (10 days), this experience was in the top 2 things that I did. I left the tour amazed with the photos I took, but also inspired to do more. William provided a low key, relaxed photo shoot with fun and laughter. We clicked well (pun intended.) I hoped that after completing the nighttime photo shoot, that I would feel comfortable going out alone to attempt other great nighttime photos while in Paris. I'm happy to report that I did, and this was the gift that William gave me. I won't hesitate to book again with them when I return to Paris, or when I go to other cities that have Aperture Tours. By using Aperture Photos, you are given the opportunity to benefit from their expertise in identifying a good scene for a picture and to benefit from their photography skills to capture the beauty of the scene. What more you could you want for your vacation??? Thank you for all your help William!!

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