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Vera Sepúlveda


Born and bred in Lisbon, I love this city. They call it "Luz-boa" which literally translates as "Light Good" in Portuguese, and if you have spent any time here, you will understand why. I left my corporate career in Madrid to get back to my roots and to be closer to my camera. Since then, I have been shooting all of the details that come in front of my lens; a quirky wedding, a wholesome recipe book, cultural rituals from here and there. Travel is still a large part of my life and my photography. But my real passion is ourselves, people, portraits and everyday life in all of its glory. The shadows, the symmetry and the asymmetry of the simple things. That's my essence. Photography is my way of reading things, places and people, and a beautiful opportunity to create my own story. 

Languages: English, Portuguese