A liquid labyrinth, walled by gothic palaces, Venice never fails to impress.


Venice Photo Tour

Venice is like eating an entire box of chocolate liqueurs in one go.– Truman Capote

Indeed, you dip into Venice and its whirlwind of alleys, canals, colours, you dance with the city and end up mesmerised and wondrous. It is never enough. What makes you live Venice is the details. The reflections in the waters, the old marble doorbells, the clothes hanging out to dry, the cheap Spritzes in the University area, the Gothic decorations, the sunsets that take over sky, land, and water. It's not about quantity, but quality. Venice not only offers challenges that will better you as a photographer, but it will spark your artistic side as well.

Duration – 3h
Type of Tour – Private
Meeting Point – Campo Beccarie
Price – from €205

Venice Extended Photo Tour

Master the creative and technical sides of photography with a comprehensive tour of Venice with a professional photographer.

The extended Venice photography tour spans a full six hours so that you can explore all of the secrets Venice has hidden. From the Venetian Ghetto, through Cannaregio, across the Grand Canal at Ponte di Rialto to San Polo, through Saint Marco's Square and ending up in the true local's sestieri of Castello, all the while with camera in hand and accompanied by a local professional photographer to guide you on technical and creative advice throughout your adventure. 

Duration – 6h
Type of Tour – Private
Meeting Point – Stazione di Venezia Santa Lucia
Price – from €379 (15% discount)

Murano & Burano Full Day Photography Excursion

Escape the hoards at St Marco's square and spend a day island hopping in the Venice Lagoon.

When the crowds get too much, go island hopping and discover the smaller islands in the northern Venice lagoon. The glass island of Murano feels like Venice's little brother, calmer and more relaxed, but every bit as pretty. Whereas the colourful pastel plastered facades of Burano will fill your memory cards in no time. Join us on a full day expedition with a professional photographer who will navigate the lagoon and bring you to the best spots to shoot in the Venice lagoon. 

Duration – 8h including transport from Venice
Type of Tour – Private
Meeting Point – Chiesa dei Gesuiti or your hotel
Price – from €550

Venice Portrait Session

Our portrait sessions put you squarely in the frame so you can share beautiful images of yourselves in Venice.

Let us take you to the most picturesque parts of Venice on a photo shoot to capture your time in Italy! Whether you are celebrating your marriage, travelling with your family, friends having a great time or simply a traveller looking for great memories, we will make beautiful pictures of you!

Duration – 3h
Type of Tour – Private
Meeting Point – Campo Beccarie
Price – €379

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