Tokyo Day & Night Photo Tour

Duration - 6 hours
Type of Tour – Private
Participants – 4
Meeting PointShibuya
First Photographer – €285
Additional Photographers – €56

Book a day tour and a night tour back to back and receive 15% off the second tour.

Master the creative and technical sides of photography with a comprehensive tour of Tokyo with a professional photographer.

If you book both the day tour and then the night tour together, we will knock off 15% of the cost of the second tour. Cover more ground and experience the best views Tokyo has to offer. Book a combined Day and Night tour to explore Shibuya, with its wild Harajuku district, and views over the futuristic Shinjuku skyline, then get up close and personal with the Senso-ji in Asakusa and master nighttime exposure. Our tours are always private, so you and your group (or up to four people in total) will be able to go anywhere in Tokyo that tickles your fancy.

Over our six hours together we will go over:

  • Understanding your camera: technical aspects such as Aperture, ISO and shutter speed
  • How to frame the perfect image. What to include, and what not to include.
  • Night photography techniques, what settings and locations work best.
  • Making sure you are standing in the right place at the right time to get the perfect picture
  • Reviewing your photography.

No matter what you level is, we will make sure the tours are suited to your level. We typically start with a coffee to go over technical details, find your interests, and plot a course that will be relevant and educational to you. Absolute beginner or semiprofessional, we will have you covered.

No need to be lonely, bring along your friends on the tour with you. As long as your group doesn't exceed four people, we can make sure to craft a tour that teaches skills that last a lifetime.