Tokyo Street Photo Tour

Duration - 3 hours
Type of Tour – Private
Meeting PointShibuya
First Photographer – €205
Additional Photographers – €40

Dive into the wild and eccentric culture capital of Tokyo. Let Aperture Tours be your companion to the best shots in Tokyo.

The Tokyo Street Photo Tour plunges head first into the craziest pedestrian crossing you've ever seen and continues into the back streets of Shibuya before giving you fantastic opportunities to perfect your street photography with the eclectic youth fashion of Harajuku. From street scenes to landmarks, this three-hour private tour teaches photography skills as well as encourages photographic development.

Suitable for all levels of photographers, from people just picking up a camera for the first time, to semi-professionals, we always make sure to find something new to teach you. With our one-on-one tours, we can make sure to go to the spots that interest you most, be they hidden gems, or spending time to get the perfect shot of Hachiko Crossing.

We craft each tour to our guest. In addition to taking photos, you will go over:

  • Compositional techniques such as lines, repetition, texture, angles, etc.

  • Sharpening your eye: composition, subject and lighting.

  • Explore Tokyo with a local, who might show you something you wouldn't normally see.

  • Master the techniques. Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO and focusing.

  • Reviewing your photography.

The tours start off with a coffee so that we can go over your level, talk through some technical concepts, and make sure that you have a good feel for your camera. Here we will get to know you and craft the perfect custom tour, suited directly at your level and interest.

Each tour is private, and we will not couple you with people you do not know.  Feel free to bring along guests, such as other photographer friends,  or your partner and family, but we ask you to limit the group to four people. This way we can work at your pace to make sure you take away the skills that last a lifetime.