Sydney Night Photo Tour

Duration - 3 hours
Type of Tour – Private
Participants – 4
Meeting PointMilsons Point
First Photographer – €155
Additional Photographers – €30

A three hour private photo tour in Sydney. Starting with coffee by the Harbour to review your photography skills and customise our tour to suit your level and go over technical skills. Shooting a variety of locations.

Capture the harbour after dark and master long exposure photography. With Aperture Tours you can walk away with stunning images.

On the Sydney Night Photo Tour we will have the opportunity to explore the cool waters of the Harbour. From passing ferries on the harbour, to the perfect image of the iconic Opera House and Harbour Bridge. We know the best spots in Sydney after dark, and we can teach you how to capture them all perfectly.

It doesn't matter what level of skill you are, our photography tours in Sydney are private, so it will only be you and your party, and the photographer. This means we don't need to talk over your head, or explain things you already know. Instead we craft the perfect tour designed just for you and make sure you walk away with new skills, perspectives and great nighttime photos.

A typical night might involve going over:

  • Night photography technique: making sure to get a sharp, clear image at night
  • Camera knowledge: Manual or Aperture mode? Single point? Or multi point focus?
  • How to use lines, frames and luminosity to enhance your photos.
  • Getting to the best spot to get *that* angle.
  • Reviewing your photography.

We will start our tour with a coffee. During this time we can go over technical details, help answer and questions you might have, and then talk about what you would like to get out of the tour. We can craft an itinerary that will be built around you level and your interests and then head out into the night.

We don't mind if you bring along some of your friends, three of them for the same price. Anything more than that will become too large, and we might not be able to give the quality attention to detail we like. We want to make sure to work at your pace.