Meeting Point - Shibuya 渋谷ハチ公像

We will meet you at the Hachiko Memorial Statue in Shibuya. It is a bronze statue honoring Hachiko, the famously loyal Akita dog. 

Train : If you're coming by train, get off at "Shibuya" station and exit the station via the "Hachiko" exit.  Trains servicing the station are: 

  • JR East: Yamanote Line

  • JR East: Saikyo Line

  • JR East: Shonan–Shinjuku Line

  • Keio Corporation: Keio Inokashira Line

  • Tokyo Metro: Ginza Line

  • Tokyo Metro: Hanzomon Line

  • Tokyo Metro: Fukutoshin Line.

  • Tokyu Subway: Den-en-toshi Line

  • Tokyu Subway: Tokyu Toyoko Line.

Taxi : "Shibuya-eki made onegaishimasu" or 渋谷駅の近くのハチ公交差点までお願いします

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