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I will be the envy of my friends now I have the photos Alexander helped me take. They are amazing and I hope I can put all I learnt into more automatic settings ;-) Alexander is very knowledgeable, knows all the best locations and aspects and was very patient with me....teaching the girl from Dubbo a few tricks. I would recommend this tour, not only to learn the skills to take beautiful photos but to experience Paris at night with a local.
— Pam C.
We had a great tour and a great time with Alexander. We were looking for a way to see Paris at night without being herded around by one of those awful bus tours - and this was it. We had a great time, learned about Paris and our camera, and came back with amazing photos. Definitely sign up for this tour!
— Christine

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Alexander was an excellent instructor/guide for this tour. He met with me first to discover what background my photography experience stemmed from, and what I hoped to accomplish with the tour and customized it from there. When I discovered I’d left my tripod plate in my hotel he had one to loan me, and saved the night, literally!! He was professional, entirely knowledgable, and it was well worth the money and time. I think if you are looking to clinch “that one shot” while you’re visiting Paris, booking this tour with this group is the way to ensure that happens. I will, without hesitation, refer any of my other friends travelling to Paris to this tour and Alexander and his colleagues. Thanks again Alex for a great photography experience- I came away from this feeling not only had I learned something, but also to be coming home with images I am proud of. *****HIGHLY RECOMMEND**
— Richard F.
Walking around Verona with Anna was great. I liked having her guide me yo great spots. I finally know how to use my camera now!!! She gave me great technical know how but also good tips for creativity. I’d like to consider tours in their other cities too if I go.
— Federico F
It was delightful to meet William Lounsbury and indeed an enjoyable night taking exquisite photographs with William’s guidance. I am not much in technical, yet the basics that William has explained are helpful. And we dare to be different, to take different pictures with a new perspective of theme. The photo tour session went very fast, and a big thank you to Alex and William putting this together for all our lovers of photography.
— Lanny H.
A photo tour is a MUST if you want to capture the beauty of Paris through a lens and not suffer from ‘coffee-table-photobook envy’. Plus, all your friends will assume you’re a genius photographer. Win, win. He keeps things small, intimate and personal, so you’ll never be fighting for his attention as you try to juggle shutter speeds and apertures to capture that prize-winning shot of the boat gliding down the Seine in the moonlight.
It’s a flat fee, so you can add in a small number of photography and even non-photography companions for free.

Most importantly: Alex is good – really good. He’s a masterful photographer in his own right (see his dreamscapes in his personal portfolio here: and a very patient teacher who customises any ‘lesson’ to your level. You’ll leave with magical pics that make you feel like a pro and enough practical advice to take your own polished and creative shots. Brilliant, Alex
— Nicola