Paris Extended Photo Tour

Duration - 6 hours
Type of Tour – Private
Meeting PointAbbesses
First Photographer – €379
Additional Photographers – €72

A six hour private photo tour in Paris. Starting with coffee to review your photography skills and customise our tour to suit your level and go over technical skills. Explores the quaint streets of Montmartre in the afternoon before descending the hill to the river Seine to master nighttime exposures. 

Want to cover more ground and experience the best views Paris has to offer? The extended tour combines a street tour with a night tour to create a six-hour experience, and you profit from a 15% discount on the second tour. 

Taking in both the sites and skills of the day tour and then explore long exposure after dark with the night tour. Enjoy all the very best Paris has to offer with your personal, professional photographic guide. We will lead you to superb photographic opportunities for all kinds of subjects, from landmarks and people watching to hidden secrets and great views over the city, all the while offering practical tips and helping you to develop your own creative vision.

Each tour is crafted to the skills and needs of the participants. Over our six hours together we will go over:

  • Understanding your camera: technical aspects such as Aperture, ISO and shutter speed

  • How to frame the perfect image. What to include, and what not to include.

  • Night photography techniques, what settings and locations work best.

  • Making sure you are standing in the right place at the right time to get the perfect picture

  • Reviewing your photography.

No matter what you level is, we will make sure the tours are suited to your level. We typically start with a coffee to go over technical details, find your interests, and plot a course that will be relevant and educational to you. Absolute beginner or semi professional, we will have you covered.

Each tour is private, and we will not couple you with people you do not know. Feel free to bring along guests, such as other photographer friends, or your partner and family, but we ask you to limit the group to four people. This way we can work at your pace to make sure you take away the skills that last a lifetime.

Extended tour combine the Street Tour and the Night Tour. Tours booked from this page are presented back-to-back. Should you prefer to take them over consecutive days, select both the Street Tour and Night Tour separately from their respective pages, and then use the code COMBOTOUR at checkout to apply the discount.