Meeting Point - Palais Bourbon

We will meet you on the Pont de la Concorde side of Palais Bourbon, on the street, in front of the stairs.

The Palais Bourbon is also called the National Assembly (French: Assemblée nationale). Also the back is used at the entrance and the front isn't... so don't get confused. We will meet you on the side of the Seine River, in front of the stairs and the gates, on the street.

Metro: If you're coming by metro, it is a short walk from Concorde (Line 1, Line 8 or ) or Assemblée Nationale (Line 12). We do not reccomend you use the metro Invalides.
Taxi: Direct your taxi driver to 'Pont de la Concorde' and then walk to the Palais Bourbon - but be warned that it might be congested as a lot of the area will be blocked off. Walking or taking the metro is recommended.

Note: the Ferris wheel will not be there at this time.

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