José Luis Cantabrana Garcia


For me, photographs are about moments. It is how I feel when I take them, where I am in the world, and who might surround me at the time. I feel peaceful while I sit taking long exposure pictures, yet the anticipation of how it will turn out excites me. I am a glass half full kind of guy. If my partner could be jealous of one thing, it would be the clouds. I am always looking up, searching for them, hoping for fast ones, “It is the look of love” she would say.

My curiosity consumes me and keeps me wanting more, like a little boy searching for the end of the rainbow. I love to travel and capture as many sunrises and sunsets that I can. The colours that it can create is breathtaking and unpredictable. I will go to the edge of the cliff or the top of a mountain to capture the perfect moment; no fence can stop me!

Languages: English, Spanish

José's Photos