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Cecile Lopes


Cécile Lopes a Franco-Portuguese photographer currently living in Lisbon. She spent her childhood in Paris where she grew up in her parent's cafe. Cecile had a profound interest in discovering the world and started travelling the globe. The first strong images she took were in Asia and Oceania and gave rise to her first photographic exhibition "The face of Mekong". In 2007 she started studying at the photography institute IDP in Porto, after that at the school of visual communication Efet in Paris, where she graduated in 2010. Cécile has made several solo exhibitions in France and Canada, in parallel with her activity as a lighting assistant with various fashion photographers. Recently, she publishes a photo essay and documentary "Rooster fight" in the Vice Spain/ Colombia in 2018.

Languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish, French,


Cecile’s Photos