Paris Floods in pictures

In early June 2016, the banks of the River Seine burst as the waters rose 6.1m above normal currents: a level not seen since 1982.  While the floods have dangerously affected other parts of France, Paris has remained rather intact with most of the river being held at bay with high embankments that have minimised the effects of the flooding in the city.

The high water level has flooded roads and forced closure of some metro and rail lines near the Seine. The museums Orsay and Louvre, both situated on opposite sides of the banks, were forced to close while staff frantically brought precious artworks from out of their basements in a precautionary measure. Most unfortunately the brown waters have consumed some of my favourite picnic spots, leaving me high and dry in search of other parks to consume my rosé and Camembert. 

I found the real challenge in shooting the floods, was to portray how high the water levels really are. By looking at the river alone, you could be forgiven for not knowing they swallowed roads and gardens whole.  For this reason I tried to concentrate on elements that displayed a clear indication of the sheer rise in water level. 


Author : Alexander J.E. Bradley

Alexander is the founder of Aperture Tours (formally Paris Photography Tours) and heads up the tours in Paris. A professional photographer for over a decade Alexander enjoys shooting the surreal by mixing dreamlike qualities into his conceptual images. 

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