The Thousand Words: Gauvin Lapetoule

A picture tells a thousand words... and we are here to tell you a few more in our ongoing series 'The Thousand Words' where we dig through the vault of talented photographers at Aperture Tours and get them to open up a little about some of their favourite images. 

Estacion de Francia

Barcelona, by Gauvin Lapetoule

Estacion de Francia
PHOTOGRAPHY: Gauvin Lapetoule • Nikon D600 • Nikon Nikkor 20mm Ƒ/2.8 AF-D @ 1/200s • Ƒ/8 • ISO 800

I enjoy playing with reflections and symmetries. It creates another dimension to the picture, and you lose yourself in the space. When it is printed in large format, you can see how the architecture aspires and mesmerizes you in this picture.

Is one of my favourite places in Barcelona. I like the soft and natural light, the unique atmosphere and the emptiness of this old train station. Rich in symbols and history but almost abandoned, this place is out of the touristic guides. This picture is an invitation to travel.

Patience has been the keyword for taking this picture. I knew that when it rains, the floor is wet and creates very unique reflections. I go there quite often, and I have been waiting for a night storm and a great morning light. The trains were also ideally placed so I could see the double arches.

So I put my camera (almost) directly in the puddle, using tripod clip below my camera to protect it from water. This technique allowed me to shoot the closest to the reflection and get this symmetry.  

This is the picture I have sold the most in art galleries, and it has been exhibited in Spain, Italy, South Africa and Singapore.


Photographer's Profile

NAME: Gauvin Lapetoule
BORN: Moulins, France
CURRENT LOCATION: Barcelona, Spain
PHOTOGRAPHY STYLE: Automotive, architecture, and travel photographer.
INFLUENCES: I can say many famous photographer names, like Yann Arthus Bertrand, Steve McCurry or Henri Cartier-Bresson, but the people who influenced me the most are my friends with whom I spent time sharing and shooting.
FAVOURITE PLACE TO SHOOT: I like the calm and emptiness of the desert, but also the architecture and the busyness of the cities. Sunrise, blue hour and sunset are my favourite moments of the day to shoot.
HIGH POINT: During my latest automotive shoot with 12 classic Porsche, I had the opportunity to drive three of them during the same day. What a day! I felt like a child living his dream, and that has been an important mental stepstone in my photography career.
LOW POINT: I spent one month in Brazil, and I almost didn’t take pictures because I was too scared to carry my camera, especially in Sao Paulo and Rio. In hindsight, a pocket camera would have been the best thing to bring on this trip.
TOP PHOTOGRAPHY TIP: I spent a lot of time outside observing, playing around with my camera and taking pictures. Everything that I learned was from trials and errors. So my best advice is to practice, practice and practice.



Gauvin Lapetoule is is a photographer with Aperture Tours Barcelona. See more of his images and read his biography on his profile page.