Up your Instagram game in Paris

Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower are staples of any trip to Paris, but if you want to up your Instagram game, then you are going to need more than just a snap of the Iron Lady and a baguette to make it stand out. I went through the back catalogue of the Aperture Tours' resident Paris photographers to find what was trending in their feeds. I found a couple of interesting trends that we all seemed to come back to and revolve around.


Although we seem to wander throughout all of Paris, it looks like we keep coming back to Montmartre. The back streets around the hill is a favourite with Parisians, and quite a few gems are lying in plain view. 

Looking down the hills of Montmartre

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Go beyond the Peripheric

Paris is flanked by gardens and forests, such as the Bois de Bologne at the west of the city, or the Bois de Vincennes in the west. The former houses the Louis Vitton exhibition space, and the latter, the impressive Chateau de Vincennes. Speaking of  Chateaus, we can't not mention the most impressive Chateau in the world, Versailles. 

Further afield in Normandy you can find the countryside that inspired Claude Monet to settle his beautiful gardens in Giverny. On the other side of Normandy sits the breathtaking UNESCO World Heritage site of Mont Saint Michelle.


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Capture Moments

Details can capture the essence of a place, without overtly stating where it is. A flower, a stone wall, a garden, complimenting colours and abstract composition. There is so much to play within Paris to stimulate the lens, and Instagram leads itself to these impressionist images. When shooting, instead of shooting an object, try to capture a moment or a feeling.

Catch the Metro

The chemin de fer métropolitain de Paris, or just the Paris Metro, is one of the oldest in the world and a great way to get around the city. It is simple, cheap, efficient and safe. It also provides the perfect addition to any Instagram feed from Paris. A lot of the stations are individually themed, such as the Arts and Metiere with their submarine feel. But they all hold the same glorious aesthetic.

Death of love. #ratp #parismetro #VSCOcam

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In addition to regular travel hashtags like #wanderlust and #exploreagram, some other useful tags specific to Paris would be #Parisjetaims #ig_paris #loves_paris and of course #ApertureTours

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Sometimes the best way to explore a new city is to just choose an area and get lost. Although sometimes you just end up being lost... and probably in a boring part of town. All of the photographs here are by Aperture Tours photographers, and we'd be happy to wander through our favourite parts of Paris and help you up your Instagram game. Whether you are professional photographers searching for hidden gems, or if you just use your iPhone and snap straight in the app, we've got you covered. Check out Aperture Tours Paris for details of what we offer.

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Author: Alexander J.E. Bradley

Alexander is the founder of Aperture Tours: professional photography guided tours, designed to help you get the best out of your camera whilst exploring wonderful cities with a local. A professional photographer for over a decade Alexander enjoys shooting the surreal by mixing dreamlike qualities into his conceptual images. 

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