The Best Places to Explore in 2018

2018 is upon us at last, and with it, it brings new opportunities, new experiences and the chance to explore new cities around the globe. In the previous year we worked hard to dive into the underbelly of the most photogenic cities in the world; find the best places to shoot, hide, eat and drink, so you will have no excuses when you go travelling in 2018 as to what to do when you touch down. With the shackles of the previous year cut, it is time to act on New Year's resolutions to improve your photography. We have put together a curated selection of the best photo essays we have made over the past twelve months to inspire your travels in 2018. Make sure you get the best from your trips, shoot better images, and come away with higher quality photographs, every time.

Lunar New Year in Singapore


From Chinatown to little India, Thai cuisine and Malaysian influence, Singapore is a cosmopolitan melting pot. Filled with contrasts, Singapore has developed itself as one of the hottest destinations for 2018. Where skyscrapers back onto forests, and hidden cocktail lounges rest behind smokey temples, Singapore has more to offer than you think. Singapore makes a perfect stopover destination when you are flying to other parts of Asia or Australia. Where are the best places to shoot? We will let you in on a few of our secrets.

Australia's Impressive Cities


Strewed between mountains, bush, rivers, and ocean, Australia’s metropolitan areas deliver some excellent urban experiences. From Sydney’s beating ambience, vibrant culture, and invigorating beach scene to Melbourne’s charming European flair and dedicated coffee culture, there are a plethora of amazing things you can do, see, and photograph in Australia’s impressive cities.



It seems like everyone is going to Portugal at the moment, and all with good reason. Lisbon is the cheapest  place for a 'city break' in Western Europe in 2018. With their incredible fine dining scene, great year-round weather, and stunning urban landscape, Lisbon is the perfect place to grab a glass of Porto and kick your feet up as you let the pastel colours of the city wash over you.



Combining an ancient culture with spectacular natural landscapes mixed with a futura made from dreams, this Asian nation is inspiring an increasing number of travellers’ souls, and, over the last three years, the number of visitors here has more than doubled. Fantastically futuristic, but steeped in tradition; the capital, Tokyo, is a neon-lit contradiction that flashes by in a blur. There is no reason to explain why Japan is perfect for photography, but we will anyway because we love shooting it so much!

Northern Italy - Milan, Venice and Verona

Italy, Venice (4).jpg

Venice is always electric during Carnival and Milan is bustling for Fashion Week, but the times in between are what makes Northern Italy genuinely romantic. From Lake Garda to Verona, spritz on the terrace, and pasta cooked to perfection, Northen Italy will tantalise your senses and keep your memory cards filled to the brim.



You wouldn't call Berlin a fast-paced city like London or New York, but that doesn't mean they're not consistently finding new things to keep them busy. From the rooftop terraces, and beach bars in summer, to winter markets and museums in winter, Berlin has the perfect mix for every palate – anytime, any day, all year round.

Celebrating 25 years of Czech indipendence


The Czech Republic has been geared up for one spectacular year. When the fireworks blew on the 1st January, it not only signified the new year, it was also commemorating the 25 years since Czechoslovakia peacefully split into Czech and Slovakia and there is electricity in the air... literally, from the tram wires. Ok, I know that was a weak link, but our lastest blog about Prague tells you how to shoot these streetcars in the finest form.

London Calling?


The Pound Sterling has recovered a little, but it is still low, so it continues to make the Old Smoke an attractive destination in 2018. You will get more bang for your buck as you explore this photographer's dream. It boasts one of the most internationally recognisable skylines with its carefully woven tapestry of modern and historic buildings. Want to know the best way to capture London's icons? It is always helpful to go back to the basics. 

Paris is a moveable feast


Paris is like a fine red wine; this classic, elegant city only gets better each time you visit. From all of the places in Paris we shot over the last year, we keep coming back to the Louvre and Notre Dame. No matter how many times we shoot them, there always seems to be another shot hidden in the shadows. I also took a stroll through the lesser known Quinze-Vingt to see a more local side of Paris. What is your favourite place in Paris?

Voyage past the Peripherique


It is not just what is inside the Peripherique that makes Paris great, the Île-de-France region is bursting with châteaus, medieval towns and it is a painters paradise. Some perfect days trips include Monet's Garden in Giverny or the impassioned Château de Versailles. Have you been to the most fanciful castle of the French Kings yet?

Whether you are just beginning and trying to understand your new camera, or an enthusiast diving deeper into your photographic knowledge, or a pro trying to find the best location to take that perfect spot, Aperture Tours has you covered. With so many photogenic cities awaiting you, the only tricky decision is choosing where to go! Grab your passport, your sunnies and your camera, hop on a plane and we will look forward to showing you the best places to shoot in 2018.

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Author: Alexander J.E. Bradley

Alexander is the founder of Aperture Tours: professional photography guided tours, designed to help you get the best out of your camera whilst exploring wonderful cities with a local. A professional photographer for over a decade and a half Alexander enjoys shooting the surreal by mixing dreamlike qualities into his conceptual images. 

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