The Thousand Words: Mirko Fin

A picture tells a thousand words... and we are here to tell you a few more in our ongoing series A Thousand Words where we dig through the vault of talented photographers at Aperture Tours and get them to open up a little about some of their favourite images. 

Every Me, Every You

Verona, by Mirko Fin

Every Me, Every You  PHOTOGRAPHY: Mirko Fin • Fujifilm X-T2 • XF 18-55mm Ƒ/2.8-4 R LM OIS @ 27.7mm • Ƒ/22 •11 sec • ISO 100

Every Me, Every You
PHOTOGRAPHY: Mirko Fin • Fujifilm X-T2 • XF 18-55mm Ƒ/2.8-4 R LM OIS @ 27.7mm • Ƒ/22 •11 sec • ISO 100

Instead of stressed I lie here charmed
'Cause there's nothing else to do
Every me and every you
- Placebo

When I think about art, I imagine it as an abstract entity. The artist is the one who can form this ephemeral being and make it visible to all humankind. I love the way a dancer can shape art. I love it so much that I tried to go beyond. I decided to develop not only the art itself, but the movement and passion of a dancer through photography. I wanted to make a work of art out of an artist.

It all started the day I met Lucia while working on the set for a video clip. I have always been attracted to artists and how they are able to express emotions through their art. But that day I felt more than attraction. I fell in love with Lucia’s movement and passion. The first moment I saw her art, I realised that I wanted to portray her.

And so it started. Giving the sensation of movement through a static medium like photography is not easy, but can be very powerful once you find the right balance between light control, aperture and shutter speed. The set was minimal: cloth background, two LED lights (which I prefer over to speedlights), a tripod and a lot of patience.

The real experience was the creation of this shot. I had no idea of what contemporary dance was before meeting Lucia. I think that approaching the unknown requires humbleness and curiosity. You need to embrace the unknown and make it yours. That is something that works with every subject you may decide to portray in your life: dance, sport, manual work, a feeling. Try it, before you shoot it.

I tried. I spent hours learning what contemporary dance is and how a dancer can express a feeling through the act of movement. The result of that research was a life changer. Lucia and I were able to connect our different forms of art to create something new. I like to say that this image is as much hers as it is mine because it contains the emotions, the message, and the art of both of us.

This photograph was selected as one of the 40 finalists of the 'Movement and Passion' category of the Anna Pavlova International Ballet Photography Contest. “Every Me, Every You” will be part of an exhibition around Europe in the near future and will be included in the annual publication of Anna Pavlova Network.

This image was the first time I shot with Lucia, and since then I have joined with two other artists to create a multi-faceted art project called BEYOND, combining design, cinematography, contemporary dance and photography. For me it symbolises a step in my photography, it leads me to go forward, to go beyond.

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Photographer's Profile

NAME: Mirko Fin. Also known as Ser Vlad
BORN: Verona, Italy
CURRENT LOCATION: Split between Verona, Venice and Milan, Italy
PHOTOGRAPHY STYLE: Portrait, Reportage, Fine Art
INFLUENCES: Ansel Adams, Emmanuel Lubezki, Quentin Tarantino, William Blake, Wes Anderson, The Wachowskis, Peter Lindbergh, Chuck Palahniuk.
FAVOURITE PLACE TO SHOOT: Down on the ground
HIGH POINT: I am a daydreamer. I see things and let my mind run wild. This habit allows me to tell the stories this world (and beyond) has to offer.
LOW POINT: I am a daydreamer. I may not answer my phone while my mind is travelling. Oh, and… I may forget something here and there.
TOP PHOTOGRAPHY TIP: All rules are meant to be broken, but you need to know them to break them.

WEBSITE: servlad
FACEBOOK: servladphoto

Mirko Fin is is a photographer with Aperture Tours in Italy. He takes tours in Milan, Venice and Verona as well as full day trips to his hometown around Lake Garda.


Mirko Fin

Everyone has a profound need to tell the world how they feel, how they see. The real burden is the constant exploration of expression. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that I luckily found my path in photography. More that ink on paper, notes in the air or paint on canvas. My creation is of light on film, this is my expression.

I have no limits or disciplines in photography. I look for the meaning in everything. I find my life as a photographer a never-ending challenge, an everlasting expedition.

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