Synaesthetic Exotism by Vianney Le Caer


Physiology Psychology
The production of a sense impression relating to one sense or part of the body by stimulation of another sense or part of the body.




mass noun
The quality of being attractive or striking through being colourful or unusual.


The press release for Vianney Le Caer's exhibition was three lines long and only contained the dictionary definitions of the words "synaesthesia" and "exoticism". 

The show is Vianney's first solo exhibition and is presented by Bruxelles based art dealer Jonathan F Kugel, housed in Roland Mouret’s flagship store in Mayfair. Comprising of a wide selection of evocative images from Vianney's vast collection of human emotions in countries affected by war or disease such as the fallout of the Syrian and Iraqi conflicts, as well as reportages from Lebanon, the D.R.C., Haiti and Eastern Europe

The pictures are hung between racks of luxuriouy designer clothes and set amongst a kind of cabinet of curiosity. The juxtaposition of these raw and emotive images at first clash with the elegant surroundings which appears quite paradoxical. Devoid of any explanation, description, or context, you become fixated at the details in the images, the colours, the contrast, the emotions; you start to ponder who these people are, why they are here, and where here might even be. It becomes a game where the expressed disconnection becomes the focus and trivialising the images with accompanying text seems like it would overload you from this already saturated imagery. Then you glance away and notice you're standing next to a taxidermied dodo. 


His media clients include the Associated Press, Rex Features, Sipa Press and his work has been published in a variety of international publications such as The Guardian, Paris-Match, Vice, The Sunday Times, National Geographic, and Le Monde among others. Vianney has worked for and, in collaboration with various NGOs and non-profit organisations such as Peace One Day, Artists for Peace and Justice, Action Contre la Faim, Amnesty International and the Disasters Emergency Committee. He has also collaborated with contemporary artists such as the Connor Brothers and Pussy Riot.