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Andy Yee

Sydney, Japan Autumn Workshop, Oman Photo Workshop, Jordan Photo Workshop

Sony Digital Imaging Advocate Andy Yee specialises in travel and tourism photography. When not leading workshops in exotic locations, he can be found in Sydney, Australia working as a visual content creator and photo educator.

As evidenced by his diverse portfolio and winner of the Sony Alpha Landscape Award, Andy utilises his camera to capture the harmony between people, culture, and landscapes. His work has been described as expressive and inspiring. He harnesses his attention to detail to compose images with a classic look as opposed to chasing trends.

Andy’s passion for photography is infectious. He has a knack for translating the mysteries of image creation into concrete, practical language. Using his work as a springboard, he guides people to draw upon their own creativity to discover their individual styles. His balance between one-on-one instruction and critique enables learners to capture the shots they see in their minds.

What Andy finds most rewarding is inspiring others to take their cameras along on their own adventures. He is passionate about leveraging his professional skill and knowledge to advance others to the next level. Experiencing learners’ joy of capturing images the way they want to see them is what motivates Andy to continue finding new ways to support the creative process.

Languages: English

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Photo taken by an Aperture Tours Client on a photo tour in Sydney

Photo taken by an Aperture Tours Client on a photo tour in Sydney

Great Photography Tour that included Sunset ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

My wife and I are keen amateur photographers and were on a 4 day visit to Sydney and wanted to get some good images while there. We did some research on the Internet and Aperture Tours seemed to fit our requirements. We booked a private 8 hour session that included the sunset.
It was well organised and our guide Andy Yee proved to be capable, experienced and accommodating. We had an enjoyable time and came away with great images.
Because of Andy’s experience we were able to get some great images and we would certainly both recommend Aperture Tours and use them ourselves again.

Via Trip Advisor

Great Value and Highly Educational Photo Tour ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I should probably set a bit of context for this review. My wife loves photography and actually has a pretty good eye for composing a photo. She has taken a photo course to learn how to better shoot in manual mode and create some of the cool effects in a photo. Unfortunately, life gets in the way and she doesn't have sufficient time to practice her hobby. She basically becomes our vacation and special events photographer. Because she doesn't shoot enough she forgets or doesn't have the confidence to shoot in manual mode. She gets great photos in auto mode but would like the flexibility to do more and get those great shots. For our trip to Australia, we did a 3 hour private photo tour with Andy Yee. It was an outstanding experience. Andy was completely professional throughout the entire process. He reached out prior to our tour to find out what we wanted she wanted to shoot, what her objective was, were there any "must get" shots, etc. She told him what she was trying to do and he developed a plan for locations and had samples that he said she could do. He was extremely patient, understanding and helpful in teaching her to shoot in manual mode. He took us to a bunch of great locations to get different views of the Sydney Harbor Bridge, the Opera House, and the city skyline. Views that the average tourist would not think to go. Throughout the tour he provided tips to help enhance the quality of the photos taken. My wife used these tips throughout the remainder of our time in Australia. Andy even helped our son take some photos on his iphone and gave him some tips. After the photo tour Andy followed up with written notes of what we had talked about to reinforce the lessons. Overall, it was an outstanding experience and we would recommend Andy to any of those "vacation photographers" who wants to do a bit more than get photos in a point and shoot or automatic mode on their vacation.

Via Trip Advisor