Our Paris Photographers

Alexander J.E. Bradley


I've been in Paris since 2010 and I cannot get enough of this city. Each time I take a tour, I still manage to find some small thing that I've never noticed before, this magnificent city is bursting with secrets, vistas, and details and is a photographer's delight. I guess that is why I love this city so much (and croissants). I've been featured in publications such as Lonely Planet, Practical Photography, Savoir Tout faire en Photographie and The Peninsula as well as bring features on The Flickr Weekly. Let me guide you through some of my favourite parts of the City of Light and impart some of my practical photography knowledge to help you take creative control of your images.


William Lounsbury


Originally from Missouri, USA, I have called Paris home since early 2012. My time off is mainly spent as my time on, wandering the outer reaches of this city, from Montmatre to Vincennes, camera in hand, to capture the spontaneous moments that the hidden quarters present to me. I love to play with light and enjoy teaching the more subtle creative points of photography to help you understand not only your camera, but also your eye. 

You can see William's work on his webpage www.wlounsbury.com or on our blog post Who is William Lounsbury?

Clara Abi Nader


After getting my bachelor degree in Photography from The Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts, I came to Paris for a masters in filmmaking. I became passionate about photography while taking portraits of my family and entourage. I developed a sense of narrative and slowly developed an interest in the cinematic quality of the pictures I was creating. By submerging myself in the visual world of cinema I pushed myself to create works that tell a story and turn the mundane into magnificence. 

You can see Clara's work on her website claraabinader.com or on our blog post about her work By The Window

Our Milan, Venice and Verona Photographers

Anna Volpi


The crossroads of the Mediterranean is a love affair that inspires me everyday. There's always a photograph calling out to me, besides a good glass of wine and a plate of pasta. When I'm not taking pictures I'm usually enjoying dinners or having aperitivo with friends. I love discovering new areas in Italy or going back to places with a crew of models and photographer friends to make magic happen.

You can see Anna's work on her website annavolpi.com or on our blog post Introducing Anna Volpi.

Mirko Fin

Mirko Ser Vlad Fin

Everyone has a profound need to tell the world how they feel, how they see. The real burden is the constant exploration of expression. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that I luckily found my path in photography. More that ink on paper, notes in the air or paint on canvas. My creation is of light on film, this is my expression.

I have no limits or disciplines in photography. I look for the meaning in everything. I find my life as a photographer a never-ending challenge, an everlasting expedition.


Our London Photographers

Vianney Le Caer


I graduated with an MA in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography from the London College of Communication. In between foreign assignments, predominantly in conflicts areas, I cover local news and celebrity events in the city and you might have seen my work on the pages of National Geographic or The Guardian, as well as in Vogue or Vanity Fair

During my free time, I like to wander the streets of the British capital and capture the quirky and the unusual. Let me be your guide and I will be most happy to share with you the tips I have gathered on the red carpets and frontlines around the world as well as show you around my favourite spots in the Big Smoke.


Our Berlin Photographers

Dominic James Blewett

Originally from the UK, I have spent most of my adult life outside of it. I lived first in China, then for many years in Vietnam, and since 2012 I've been based in Berlin. I shoot everything from food and lifestyle features for magazines, destination weddings, development projects, portraits, and news and event photography. My work has appeared in publications such as ViceThe WireThe Lancet, and The Word. When not on assignment I love exploring this fascinating city, discovering its hidden secrets, and I look forward to taking you with me.


Alexa Vachon


Alexa is a Canadian born, New York educated, Berlin based photographer who works on assignment for international publications as well as on long-term projects focusing on women’s and human rights. Living in New York for 11 years, she graduated from The School of Visual Arts and worked as a photographer and photographer's assistant, always traveling and always taking pictures. Alexa relocated to Berlin in 2009 where she works as a freelance photographer and photojournalist. She recently completed the Postgraduate Class at the Ostkreuzschule Berlin and continues to exhibit her work in galleries and museums and shoot for publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Vice Magazine and Time Magazine. Alexa is most interested in sharing her knowledge of photography with other photographers of all levels and her knowledge of Berlin as a city full of history and hidden locations, day or night. 


Jo Swarzynska


Jo discovered the magic of photography as a teenager through her father, but it was not before she moved to Paris that she really started to develop her own unique eye. She attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, and now resides in the creative metropolis of Berlin. Not only a photographer, but an artist, Jo specialises in creative black and white conceptual images and can find every nook and cranny in the city worth shooting. Come take a tour in the reunified city with Jo and capture your imagination.


Our Melbourne Photographers

Sammy Green

Sammy Green is a Melbourne based photographer and stylist with a passion for food and travel. Living and having studied photography in Melbourne, she has developed a deep knowledge of the culture and lifestyle unique to the city. Sammy spends her time as a freelance photographer working with some of Melbourne’s bars and restaurants. She also teaches at RMIT university where she loves to share her knowledge and develop the skills of her students.

Allow Sammy to help you capture what is argued to be the most livable city in the world. She will work with you to explore your unique style whilst pointing out some of the hidden gems Melbourne will offer you on the remainder of your adventure.


Our Singapore Photographers

Likhitha (Anya) Muralikrishna

Dreamer. Star gazer. All about the visuals.
The way I see things, I see everything as being magical, intense and bursting with universal truth. My life, and my journey with photography is a constant state of battle within myself to capture that as a clear and irrefutable image. I photograph to give myself strength, and I photograph to explore all the things I am afraid of.


Our Sydney Photographers

Andy Yee

I am based in Sydney when I'm not living out of a suitcase. Driven by a passion for travel, I create unique and extraordinary images. Always chasing the perfect picture. I harmonises people from different cultures and blends them with the beauty of their landscape to bring stories alive. 

As a photographer, I have many hats, part photojournalist, part teacher and part travel agent where I enjoys inspiring others to seek out their own adventures and push their own boundaries.


Federico Rekowski

Federico 2.jpg

I am a photographer who is passionate about creating the perfect landscape. From the craggy sea pools of the Sydney coast to the Harbour Bridge, I try to blend an element of cinematic glory into my images. I believe that the best way of learning and developing new photography skills is through collaborating with fellow photographers. Technology has made it easier for us to share our experiences and we should embrace this amazing tool. I am passionate about Sydney and would love to guide you though my favourite visas in the Harbour City.


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