From the historic divide to the thriving arts scene, Berlin is a cosmopolitan city like no other in Europe, with opportunity for fantastic photography awaiting on every wall. 


Berlin Day Photo Tour

Follow the trail of the reunified city. Photograph historic sights in the epicentre of the cold war such as Potsdamer Platz and the Brandenburg gate to the Reichstag building and the iconic Berlin TV Tower. 

The Berlin Photo Tour takes in the best from the border between former East and West Berlin such as the former Berlin Wall, the historic Brandenburg Gate and other East West relics, both old and new. The three hour, private tour teaches photography skills as well as encourages your creativity and photographic development.

Berlin Night Photo Tour

Catch the city that never sleeps in the darker hours and see Berlin come alive. From monuments to streetscape, the Berlin Night Photo tour will hone your skills.

The Berlin Photo Night Tour leads you on a personalized trip under the lamps and past the cool waters of the Spree on this night-time exploration of the divided city. The three hour, private tour teaches you how to make beautiful night time images through mastering the more challenging elements of photography.


Want to cover more ground and experience the best views Berlin has to offer? Book a combined Day Tour and Night Tour to explore the Berlin Wall from Potsdamer Platz to the Reichstag Building in the afternoon before crossing into Mitte to master nighttime exposures. Book both tours together and receive 25% off your second tour.


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